Course Details & Costs

One Day Course

Having established an understanding of your riding background and experience, there will be a 45-minute briefing covering riding theory and skill development. The rest of the day is spent on the road. The training is based on the pursuit method with radio contact between instructor and student. All areas of riding will be addressed, but cornering, overtaking and the safe use of speed will be covered in depth. The course will enable you to cope with all types of roads and traffic conditions. Our intention is for you to get the very best from your motorcycle and at the same time increasing your safety margins. The goal is to achieve an advanced riding technique, showing confidence, accuracy, safety and a smooth, polished ride at every speed. You will get regular feedback from your instructor on the areas on which you need to concentrate, and advice on how to improve your standard even further.

With every rider being different, we need to ensure we know enough about you and your current riding level to reserve you the correct course. So please contact the office either on the "Request Information" link or by phone 07429 042885 and we can discuss your needs.

Track Days

Based at various venues these days give you a chance to learn more about yourself and your machine in a safe and controlled environment. Our Track Days differ from most in that we use them to learn skills relevant to road riding. What you won't find is an intimidating and competitive atmosphere. Riders are grouped by ability and machine and are always accompanied by a skilled instructor See our track training page for more details.

Two Day Training

Extend your training over two days and visit the challenging bends of Wales. Setting off from a mutually convenient location, we will pilot you through stunning scenery to North Wales where we overnight at a comfortable Hotel. You will get tons of instructional input as you would expect from Rapid, but with much more time to practise under the instructor’s watchful and experienced eye. Courses run from the end of March to October. All we ask is that if you wish for specific dates you book with a friend, as pairing for these can be difficult. If you are a ‘Billy no mates’, then call the office as we have others on the list who are in the same boat

The Investment:-

One Day Advanced Motorcycle £175 - (One to One £285)

Two Day Advanced (incl Bed and Breakfast) £399.